The Advantages Of A Class B RV

When it comes to hitting the road in an RV, bigger is not always better. Setting your sights on a smaller Class B model can give you all the freedom of a larger Class A vehicle without all the hassle. You will save money without losing out on the joys of the road. If you are planning to purchase an RV, go with the smaller model.

Cozy Space

The Class B RV is the size of a van. Even for a traveling couple, that amount of space may seem small. Savvy campers will tell you that they do not live in such a small space; they merely drive, cook, and sleep in it. Most other activities take place outdoors unless the weather is bad. You can eat, hike, sightsee, and relax surrounded by nature. If you wanted to stay inside, you wouldn't be traveling anyway. Couch potatoes should not sign on for the RV life.


For many people, the smaller size of the Class B RV is a benefit. It is certainly easier to drive than the larger Class A models. You can steer one into the parking lot of a grocery store without stressing out about finding a large enough space for it. Although they are not as easy to drive as a regular passenger van, you do not need to be an expert driver to operate one. If you only travel part of the year, storing the vehicle during the "off" season is much easier. You can keep it at home without blocking all access to your driveway.


You will save money in several ways when you buy a Class B instead of a Class A. The price of the smaller vehicle is approximately half that of the larger one. If you choose to buy a used RV, you will save even more. The gas mileage on these smaller RVs is better than on the larger models. You can expect to get somewhere between 18 to 25 mpg, making purchasing fuel for them affordable for many families. 

If you are pondering buying an RV, consider going with the smaller Class B model. These RVs provide the necessities you need for a price you can afford. They are easier to pay for and also to drive. If you are attracted to the RV life because you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors, visit your local RV dealer to see if they have a Class B RV for sale.