Looking For Spare Auto Parts? Hit The Salvage Yard

Salvage yards are an affordable way to find the car parts you need without going through a dealer or buying something new from the shelf. A wrecked, failing or simply old car may be in the salvage yard for any reason, but the part you need might working just fine. Take a look at a few auto salvage tips to get what you need as soon as possible and at a great price.

Is It Working Or Not?

Getting parts from a salvage yard comes with a bit of risk, but risk reduced with proper planning. When you're looking for a part, be sure that you're able to test it, find another part or bring it back. At the beginning, it's all about asking questions.

Call the salvage yard first. Many auto professionals and enthusiasts simply show up to the salvage yard to get what they need or to do a little exploring, but if you're not a regular, you don't want to waste time figuring out policies while you're on foot and pulling heavy parts out of the way.

Ask about the part, and ask if it's working. It's that simple, but it's a question that goes unspoken all too often. There's no guarantee that the salvage yard team will know if the part is working or not, but it's a chance to be sure of your odds. The staff may know for sure that the part is good because of the nature of the vehicle's damage, or if the part was pulled out previously. A guess can be made with the same information, but without actually checking the part.

No matter the answer, be sure to ask if there's more than one vehicle with the part you want. You can expand your search by looking up the part and finding out what other vehicles use the part in question. Seat belts, certain windows, mirrors and even bigger components such as engines are used in different models or even a completely different make.

Instead of relying on the staff to know the answer, you can ask for different cars that may have your parts to expand your search if necessary.

Salvage Safety For All Seasons

There are a few obvious dangers in salvage yards, such as gnarled, rusted metal or broken glass that can't be easily sawed or brushed away. If you're going deep into a row or stack of vehicles, you'll need the proper protection.

No matter what time of the year, wear long sleeves if you'll be reaching into any small openings. If you're pulling something out of the hood, cutting away the auto body or ripping out chairs, you want to protect your body from scratches and snares.

If there's a lot of vegetation in the area or standing water, beware of pests. Depending on the area and climate, you may meet a snake resting in the cool sanctuary of a junked car or a wasp nest just inside the door. Look before you open, look around as you open and be sure to wear protective outerwear such as gaiters to protect your legs from a sudden snap of the teeth from a snake in the grass...or the floorboard.

Auto salvage yards are ready to help you find what you need, so get in contact with a salvage professional and start asking about parts.