How To Mount A Front Hood Deflector To Protect Your Windshield From Winter Road Debris

A lot of rock salt, sand, slush, and broken pieces of granite can be kicked up on a road and onto the windshield of your truck during a winter's day. One of the better methods for minimizing the volume of the debris hitting your windshield is by installing a front hood deflector. Here is how you can install a front hood deflector on your truck.

You Need:

  • Front Hood Deflector Kit
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Alcohol Pads
  • Pencil

Front Hood Deflector Kit

Make sure you buy a front hood deflector kit that is specifically designed for the make and model of your truck. The kit should come with the deflector guard and the hardware you will need to mount the deflector onto the hood of your truck.

Clean Hood Area

Clean the front hood area before you mount the deflector so the adhesive on the mounting tape you will be using will stick better to the metal on the hood. Use a glass cleaner to remove all the dirt and grime from the hood.

Mount Deflector

Raise the hood on your truck and place the deflector up against the front edge. Mark the pre-drilled holes onto the hood with a pencil. You will be attaching clips to the hood at these spots to hold the deflector onto the hood.

Strips of protective adhesive tape will come in the kit. Take and put them over the pencil marks on the hood. The tape helps protect the hood against scratching caused by the clips holding the deflector onto the hood. Place the clips that came with the kit over the top of the adhesive tape.

There will also be a strip of adhesive tape running along the backside of the deflector. Start to unpeel the tape a little bit before you mount the deflector into the mounting clips on the hood. This will make the adhesive tape easier to grab once you clip the deflector onto the hood.

Slide the washer and machine screws into the predrilled holes on the deflector, and set the deflector into the clips on the hood. Grab the adhesive tape and start to pull it off as you press down on the front of it. The deflector will stick to the hood as you press down.

The last thing you have to do is put on the little rubber footers that also come with the kit. The footers stick to the hood and deflector. Put one foot at both ends of the deflector and two about halfway away from each other in the middle of the deflector. The rubber footers keep the deflector from bending backward and damaging the hood while you are driving. For more information, speak with parts professionals like Pacesetter Truck Caps & Accessories Inc.