3 Reasons Why Buying New Big Rig Tires Is Cheaper Than NOT Having Good Tires On Your Truck

If you are an owner-operator or a business owner who is in charge of a fleet of big rigs, one thing that you might not look forward to is buying new tires for your rig. Tires for any vehicle can be expensive, and they can be particularly costly when you have to buy such a large set. However, the truth is that not buying big rig tires can actually cost you more than having good tires on your truck. These are a few reasons why.

1. You Won't Get Good Fuel Economy

Your big rig probably drinks up a lot of diesel fuel, but it will use even more if your tires aren't in good shape. This might not seem like a big deal for short trips, but if your rig is on the road all day or goes long distances, the decreased fuel economy could cost you more than you think.

2. You Could Get a Ticket

Having poor-quality tires on your truck is a big no-no that can be considered quite dangerous, since it can put you at an increased risk of getting in a wreck. Because of this, many law enforcement officers are cracking down and are issuing tickets to drivers who have poor-quality tires and wheels on their big rigs. These tickets can come with hefty fines, and you'll still have to replace the tires anyway. It will certainly be cheaper to go ahead and purchase new tires now rather than getting a ticket.

3. You Increase Liability

Sometimes accidents happen. Big rig accidents can be serious and can put other drivers at risk of serious harm or even death, so it's important to take every step that you can to avoid them. If you have poor-quality tires on your big rig, your stopping and handling power are greatly diminished, which could put you at a much greater risk of getting into an accident. This increases the liability that you could be involved in an accident that could harm someone else. Not only can this be highly upsetting, but it can also result in a very expensive lawsuit. This is especially true if it's proven that your truck was not maintained properly and that the accident could have occurred because of your poor-quality tires.

Even though you might not be looking forward to shelling out the cash for a new set of big rig tires, you will probably find that it's actually cheaper to go ahead and purchase them than to drive without them. Luckily, there are tire dealers out there that offer reasonable prices on their large big rig tires, so buying a new set might not be as costly as you think.