Single And Decided To Become A Long Haul Truck Driver? 2 Things You Should Know

If you have decided to become a long haul truck driver, your life will completely change, as you will likely be on the road more than you are at home. Because you will be spending a lot of time in your truck, there are a few things you should know to make things go a little easier for you.

Save on Fuel

If you speed while you are driving your semi truck, this is not only risky for you to get into an accident, but it also causes you to use more fuel. This is because it increases the aerodynamic drag while you are driving.

Aerodynamic drag is the air that runs alongside and under the truck, high pressure at the front of your truck, and the low pressure at the back. All of this combines together to generate more aerodynamic drag. Your truck will have to push harder to maintain your current speed, which causes it to use more gas. Instead, keep your truck at a constant speed, and use cruise control where you can.

Idling your truck wastes a lot of fuel. To keep for having to idle, plan your driving route so you can try to avoid at least some traffic congestion.

Radiator Fluid Leaking

Your truck will likely be very well taken care of by the company you work for, but you could still have problems while you are on the road. One problem you may have is the radiator fluid leaking.

Semi trucks generally have a sensor on the dashboard inside the truck that will let you know if the radiator fluid is low. If this is happening, you should take your truck in for repairs. There are some things you can check, however. Let the truck completely cool down, and check the oil. Look on the dip stick for any coolant. If you see coolant on it, there is an overflow tube on the radiator that may be draining the coolant below the level on the sensor. In a case like this, the overflow tube may need to be changed.

If there is no coolant on the dip stick, and you see no coolant on the ground when the truck is parked, this means the fluid is either evaporating or it is flowing into the engine. If this is happening, it could be a problem with the head gasket.

Your trucking company (like Arizona Fleet Service) will give you many more tips on how to take care of your truck, as well as help make your life easier on the road.