3 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

When you go to start your car, and the engine won't turn over completely, it can be very frustrating. There are many things that can cause a car not to start, from a dead battery to problems with the fuel pump. Here are some common issues that may be contributing to the car not starting when you turn the key.

The Battery is Dead

Having a dead battery is one of the more common reasons your car might not be starting. The first thing to check is whether or not you left any lights on in the vehicle while it was parked. Perhaps it was raining when you got to work, so your headlights were on, but you forgot to turn them off when heading into work. By the time you got to your car at the end of the day, the battery was dead. Leaving the radio on for a long time when the car's engine isn't running can also drain the battery. It can also die simply due to age and needing to be replaced. If the battery is dead, you can either get it jumped and head straight to an auto mechanic for a new one, or get it towed.

Your Electric Fuel Pump is Failing

Another typical reason for the car's engine not to turn over is if you have an electric fuel pump and it is failing. This is a pump that is inside the fuel tank, which has not been maintained properly. You need to clean or change the fuel filter on a regular basis, which keeps crud out of the pump. If you haven't done this in a while, the build-up might keep your car from starting properly. It can also save you from having to replace the fuel pump, which is not a cheap fix. You will need a tow if this is the reason your car isn't starting.

The Battery Cables Are Worn

While your car battery might have enough juice, it could be that the cables running to the battery are worn. If they get cracked or corroded, they have difficulty supplying enough power to the engine in order to start the car, or to keep it running. A common sign that this is the issue is when you turn the key and the car is completely silent without even attempting to turn over. Check the cables to look for severe signs of wear. Have the car towed to a mechanic so they can replace the cables.

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