Spun Out On An Icy Road?: Three Ways To Get Your Car Back Out Of The Ditch

In the last couple of years, states that have rarely, if ever, seen snow, freezing rain and ice have experienced these weather conditions more often. If you live in Georgia, Texas, Northern Florida or any other Southern state that experienced winter weather this year, you were probably surprised by the number of cars that spun out into ditches on the sides of the roads. If this ever happens to you, there are three ways you can get your car out of the ditch and back onto the road (none of which are easy). Read More 

Three Safe-Driving Tips For Renting A Truck

When you're planning a move and want to adopt a do-it-yourself approach, you may find yourself renting a truck. Once you climb into the driver's seat and face the task of maneuvering the large vehicle, you might be asking what you just got yourself into. The reality is that you don't need to be intimidated by this vehicle -- sure, it's big, but with the right set of tips you'll have no problem getting from Point A to Point B safely. Read More 

3 Features To Look For When Buying A Semi-Truck For Long-Distance Hauling

Buying a semi-truck can be a difficult and often confusing experience due to the sheer number of different models and options that are available. Listed below are just three of the many features to look for when buying a semi-truck. Sleeping Cabin One of the most useful features to look for in a semi-truck that you are planning on using for long-distance hauling and driving is a sleeping cabin. These cabins can range in size from a simple little cubby space that is pretty much only big enough for a cot or sleeping bag, to larger spaces that have a built-in bunk and even some space for cooking. Read More 

3 Ways To Accessorize Your New Truck

Many individuals end up purchasing a vehicle that is close to what they want only to end up supping it up to make it look amazing. Just because a vehicle didn't come with all of the options you wanted, that doesn't mean you can't make it look absolutely stunning. By spending time visiting your local auto accessory dealer, you can figure out exactly what you want on your new ride. For those who have a large truck and want to make it stand out in a crowd, look into some of the accessories below. Read More 

Tips For Staying Safe When Your Vehicle Breaks Down On The Highway

As you can imagine, breaking down on the highway puts you at great risk of bodily injury from fast-moving passing cars. Since you cannot completely avoid breaking down on the highway, follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe if this unfortunate event happens to you: Turn On Your Emergency Flashers The minute you notice a problem with your vehicle, you should turn on your emergency flashers. The purpose of the flashers is to notify other drivers that you are experiencing a mechanical problem and may be moving slowly or erratically on the highway. Read More